Storyboard assignment

Keep in mind then that a storyboard can be evaluated on two levels: No one else can approve the plan, others on the design team who might help implement it will not know what to do, and the design team as a whole cannot make useful improvements to the proposed video design. As the actual plan of the video.

Storyboard assignment

Storyboard — Grade Value: To accomplish this assignment, your group will need to agree on a goal that your project will help people achieve. In selecting a goal, we encourage you to build on what you and your peers learned through the "Inspiration" and "Discovery" assignments.

In fact, creating storyboards that enumerate alternative ways to accomplish this goal is what this week's assignment is all about: Design, Development, and Evaluation.

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This will be your project team for the rest of the quarter. This week, each individual in the group must submit a storyboard for this assignment and it will be assessed individually.

You are encouraged to discuss with your team about what ideas to storyboard so as to maximize productivity and explore multiple concepts concurrently. A storyboard is a comic-strip-like set of drawings about what your interface does and how it is used to accomplish tasks in an actual usage scenario.

You could then illustrate how they would use your mobile ice cream locator interface to enter their desired flavor of ice cream and get directed to the nearest parlor. Pick a primary task to be done with your interface - make it a task complex enough to fill up a storyboard. Create 3 alternative storyboards for accomplishing the same task, varying the interface itself, the scenario, or both.

Each storyboard should require panels, so in total you will have panels to turn in.

Storyboard assignment

Each storyboard should fit on two 8. Using a thick pen limits the amount of detail that you can add, forcing you to only draw the most important elements of scenario, user, and interface that communicate your ideas. Clarity, communicativeness, and innovation are more important than aesthetics here.

To complete this assignment, each group member must separately submit online: The submission website can be accessed through the course website with your SUNet login at https: On the submission page you can enter the writeup as well as upload any number of images.

Clicking the "Save" button will save the current version of your writeup. Your latest save will automatically be submitted for grading when the assignment is due.

You can save as many times as you need until the deadline. Late assignments will not be accepted! After your studio, log into the studio web site, and assess the quality of your assignment.

Do so by selecting the cell that best describes your assignment for each of the four dimensions. The TAs will provide a nuanced grading of your submission performed blind of your own rating, To give you a better idea of what cell your assignment belongs to there are four student examples for you to look at with the TA grading shown.Learn how to create a storyboard for eLearning.

Link to free storyboard templates you can download. Save your storyboard Powerpoint and narration files in a single directory on your web space and turn in a cover memo in the Angel dropbox, Storyboarding Assignment, describing what you did and learned.

Image Pack Each cell in your storyboard will be exported as a standalone image in a zip file. Best For: Presentations, App Smashing High Resolution Image. TFACTS Storyboard • Case Assignment for Private Provider Supervisors _____ 7 TFACTS • 04/ New work items will be located at the top of the field grid The recently assigned work items will be color coded with numbers.

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