Ornament and crime essay

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Ornament and crime essay

His father, a German stonemasondied when Loos was nine years old. Loos attended several Gymnasium schools, a technical school in Liberec and graduated from a technical school in Brno.

He later studied at Dresden University of Technology. He left one year later without completing his study. Career[ edit ] At age 23, Loos traveled to the United States and stayed there for three years from — Louis and New York.

Loos returned to Vienna in and made it his permanent residence. Inspired by his years in the New World he devoted himself to architecture. After briefly associating himself with the Vienna Secession inhe rejected the style and advocated a new, plain, unadorned architecture.

A utilitarian approach to use the entire floor plan completed his concept. Architectural theory[ edit ] Loos authored several polemical works. In Spoken into the Ornament and crime essay, published inhe attacked the Vienna Secession, at a time when the movement was at its height.

The distinction is not between complicated and simple, but between "organic" and superfluous decoration. Loos was also interested in the decorative arts, collecting sterling silver and high quality leather goods, which he noted for their plain yet luxurious appeal.

Loos House and other projects[ edit ] From on, he was able to carry out big projects; the most notable the so-called "Loos House" built from —12originally the Viennese tailor Goldman and Salatsch, for whom Loos had designed a store interior inand situated right across from the Habsburg city residence Hofburg Palace.

The house, today Michaelerplatz 3, Vienna, and under monument preservation, was criticized by its contemporaries.

Ornament and crime essay

The facade was dominated by rectilinear window patterns and a lack of stucco decoration and awnings, which earned it the nickname "House without Eyebrows"; Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria was said to have despised the modern building so much that he avoided leaving the Hofburg Palace through a main gate in its vicinity.

During the First Austrian Republic Loos became interested in public projects. He designed several housing projects for the City of Vienna Red Vienna.

From —28 Loos lived in Paris. He taught at the Sorbonne and was contracted to build a house for Tristan Tzarawhich was completed in Avenue Junot 15, Paris. In he returned to Vienna. Loos had an admiration for classical architecture, [7] which is reflected in his writings and his entry to the Chicago Tribune competition.

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The marriage ended three years later in They divorced seven years later in In he married writer and photographer Claire Beck.

She was the daughter of his clients Otto and Olga Beck, and 35 years his junior. They were divorced on 30 April Poor health[ edit ] All his life, Loos suffered from a hearing impairment. When he was a child, he was deaf. He only acquired partial hearing at the age of His stomach, appendix and part of his intestine were removed.

By the time he was 50 he was nearly deaf. Child abuse[ edit ] In Loos was disgraced by a pedophilia scandal in Vienna. He had commissioned young girls aged 8 to 10, from poor families to act as models in his studio.

The indictment stated that Loos had exposed himself and forced his young models to participate in sexual acts. He was found partially guilty in a court decision of A few months before his death he suffered a stroke. He died aged 62 on 23 August in Kalksburg near Vienna.Scholarships by Deadline September Autolist Used Car to Dream Car Scholarship.

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