Help writing texas parole support letters samples

How can I "get my rights back" or remove the "conviction from my record? An application must be submitted to the Clemency Section.

Help writing texas parole support letters samples

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Box Capitol Station Austin, Texas You may address your letters to a specific person on the Parole Board, if you wish, but it is also acceptable to address your letter Dear Parole Board Member: If you have been on the same job for a number of years, state the number of years you have been similarly employed.

Other people, who are willing to help, but don't have money or a job to offer, can be supportive and worthwhile by offering advice and encouragement. Additional suggestions from a lawyer friend to go along with this information If you or someone you know has written support letters in the past make copies and include them with the parole packet.

Write out a "game plan. Tell the board what job opportunities are in the area. Make a copy of the packet and send it to your loved one. Your loved one should write up a similar type of packet themselves. They can make a separate one, or include it in the one you make for them.

He or she should present the packet s to the person who comes to interview them when parole time approaches. It makes a much better impression when they have obviously made preparations for their future, as well as having a source from the outside who cared enough to put together a presentation packet as well.

Inmates in the Texas prison system are encouraged by the Board of Pardons and Paroles to provide evidence of support for their release on parole. One way to do this is through letters supporting an inmate's release.

The information below is provided for inmates and family members who have questions about such letters. These are only guidelines and suggestions.

You must use what fits your own special situation. Don't be afraid to ask people to write letters. Many people care and want to help. Your request for help may give them a better understanding of the correctional process.


Letters of support are evidence that the offender will have a network of friends and family to help when he or she is released.

Somebody knows the inmate and cares. The inmate has free world input while in prison. The good side of the inmate and thus help balance the bad side, which appears in his or her criminal record.

help writing texas parole support letters samples

You, family members, close friends and loved ones. Relatives, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Respected members of the community, such as businessmen.Parole letters are letters written either by an incarcerated person or by his or her supporters. Intelligently written parole letters attesting to the offender’s character, reformation and plans to improve his or her life will be read by the parole panel and may make the difference between release and denial.

Parole support letters should include information about the inmate's character and support system in place upon release, according to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. Examples of parole support letters include information about treatment options, employment and residence plans if the inmate.

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Be aware that these kinds of letters help the Parole board to reconsider the current understanding they have on the inmate so the Board would prioritize the Parole hearing of the convict even if the Parole offer is rejected Please understand that different states have different guidelines about what the Parole Board looks for in a support letter.

The purpose of a parole support letter is to convince a parole board to grant parole to a prisoner. As such, the parole letter has to meet certain requirements for it to be successful, and it should be direct, concise and sincere as possible.

Dec 04,  · Dear Guest, I tried writing this message last night but I had difficulty accessing this site. Thus my message contains some overlapping themes from Mister Macawber's note. I suspect that writing a parole support letter is an involved process.

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles is tasked with determining if an inmate in the Texas Department of Corrections (TDC) is ready to return to society after serving time for a crime.

When an inmate you know is preparing for a parole hearing, it is often helpful to submit a letter to the parole board on his or her behalf. An effective letter can be drafted by following a few tips.

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