Billy elliot persuasive speech

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Billy elliot persuasive speech

They care only for their narrow sectional interest. Labour and the referendum Now let us turn to a review of the circumstance responsible for the position in August last. Fisher's acceptance of the High Commissionership in September,I was unanimously elected leader of the Labour Party.

I had been, as most of you know, a member of every Labour Ministry from the first inand I think it will be admitted even by my enemies that I was chosen as leader because it was thought I was the best man for the position. Loud cheers Well, after my return from Great Britain I found that recruiting had fallen—we were not getting one-half the necessary quota—while the Empire's demand for men had greatly increased.

The position in which the Empire and her allies then stood was grave in the extreme.

Billy elliot persuasive speech

The British Army Council took the step, absolutely unprecedented in the history of the Empire, of requesting the Government to maintain the five Australian divisions at their full strength.

There had been desperate fighting at Pozieres, and the losses amongst the Australian forces were very heavy, there being nearly 20, casualties for September The outlook was black, the need for men most acute.

I have already referred to the attitude of certain sections of the party of which I was leader.

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Notwithstanding that, every member of them had been elected to prosecute the war with vigour, to recognise no party during the war, and that none would have been elected unless it had been clearly understood that they intended to do things.

As time passed it became evident that certain influences were at work which caused some to become openly hostile and others to become lukewarm to the war.

I had to face the position. I was elected to prosecute the war with vigour, to do all things necessary to help the Empire.

I was the leader of a party every member of which was elected to do these things. I was a leader to whom the people of Australia looked to see them through this war. Loud cheers I faced the position; I did not create it.

I wished then, and wish now, that circumstances had been different; but as the leader of a great party, elected to do what was necessary to be done in the interests of Australia and the Empire, I should have been a poor craven if I had turned aside from the clear path of duty.

Loud and prolonged cheering Compulsory service inside the Commonwealth had long been the law. It was one of the main planks of the Labour platform.

The referendum is also a plank, perhaps the basic one, of that platform. Those of us who put the war first, who stood by the pledge given to the electors in Mr. Fisher's manifesto, saw but one way by which their country and their party could be saved. As Labour men and democrats, we submitted the question of compulsory overseas service to the electors.

For this we have been expelled, denounced as traitors, vilified, covered with venomous and cowardly abuse. What is our offence, our crime? Why were we expelled? Not because we had broken any pledges made to the party or to the electors… A voice: You were doing your duty. Loud applause …Not because we had violated any plank of the platform; not for anything we said during the conscription campaign; not for the so-called regulation at the referendum.

All these things are afterthoughts, excuses; they happened after our expulsion! We were expelled because we dared to speak and act as our consciences dictated.

We were expelled, not because we voted against any plank of the Labour platform, but because in the gravest crisis in which the Commonwealth and the Empire have ever been involved we preferred to stand for national rather than party interests.

In short, we were expelled because we did not break the pledge that the Labour Party gave to the electors on September 5, Loud applause We were bound by those pledges, by our conscience, and by our duty to our country— Loud appaluse —rather than to that junta which has shown itself manifestly disloyl to the Empire and to Australia.

Loud applause The pledge was that the Labour Party would: When Australia, the Empire, and liberty were threatened with destruction, we acted as Australians who stood loyally by the Empire, as lovers of liberty, prepared to sacrifice all things for country and liberty.

I was expelled because I chose to tread the narrow path of duty. It has proved a hard and bitter one. I was under no illusions as to the consequences of my action. I knew that it meant ostracism, breaking with an organisation to which I had devoted my life, incurring the bitter, implacable hatred of a powerful section of the community.

I knew that I risked not only my position as leader, but my very existence as a public man.

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Cunt: A Cultural History Of The C-Word . Billy Elliot - a cloze test. By Mulle. Complete the plot by writing the missing words on the lines.

1, Downloads. billy Elliot. By MARILINAVS. film worksheet and also readers. It is a listening and reading and comprehension task. You will find the link to watch the film at the b. Learn real English from movies and books. Add words or phrases for learning and practice with other learners.

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BILLY ELLIOT essaysLove and friendship plays a major role in everyday life. This is shown particularly well in the film Billy Elliot, directed by Stephan Daldry.

It is set in Everington in , during the miners' strike. Throughout the film love and friendship is portrayed in a range of differ.

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