Be good little migrants

Peoples[ edit ] Based on the extant Hungarian chronicles, it is clear that more than one occasionally extended list existed of the peoples inhabiting the Carpathian Basin at the time of the Hungarian landtaking. Macartney, those lists were based on multiple sources and do not document the real ethnic conditions of the Carpathian Basin around It was strengthened by drystone walls at the end of the century. Four churches surrounded by cemeteries were unearthed in and around the settlement.

Be good little migrants

Inculturation, cultural and religious pluralism The Church, sacrament of unity, overcomes ideological or racial barriers and divisions and proclaims to all people and all cultures the need to strive for the truth in the perspective of correctly facing differences by dialogue and mutual acceptance.

Different cultural identities are thus to open up to a universal way of understanding, not abandoning their own positive elements but putting them at the service of the whole of humanity.

While this logic engages every particular Church, it highlights and reveals that unity in diversity that is contemplated in the Trinity, which, for its part, refers the communion of all to the fullness of the personal life of each one.

We are therefore face to face with a cultural and religious pluralism never perhaps experienced so consciously before.

On the one hand, rapid progress Be good little migrants being made towards a world-wide openness, facilitated by technological means and the media, with the result that cultural and religious backgrounds, traditionally different and foreign to one another, are being brought into contact and even mingled with one another.

On the other, fresh demands for a local identity emerge, which consider the cultural traits of each individual the means for self-realisation.

Together with peoples of different roots, other values and models of life are knocking at our doors.

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While each culture tends to interpret the gospel in terms of its own way of life, it is the task of the Magisterium of the Church to guide these attempts and judge their validity.

To recognise and appreciate their positive aspects, which prepare them to accept the gospel, is a necessary prelude to its successful proclamation.

Be good little migrants

This is the only way to create dialogue, understanding and trust. Keeping our eyes on the gospel thus means attention to people too, to their dignity and freedom. Helping them advance integrally requires a commitment to fraternity, solidarity, service and justice. The love of God, while it gives humankind the truth and shows everyone his highest vocation, also promotes his dignity and gives birth to community, based on the gospel proclamation being welcomed, interiorised, celebrated and lived In the vision of the Second Vatican Council there are three fundamental ways in which the Church carries out its pastoral ministry: In fact the unity of Pentecost does not abolish the various languages and cultures but recognises them in their identities, at the same time opening them to other realities through the universal love at work in them.

The one Catholic Church is thus constituted by and in the particular Churches, just as the particular Churches are constituted in and by the universal Church cf.

Its starting point is the mystery of Christ and the vicissitudes of the individual and groups of which it is composed, and from this it is called to fashion a new history, gift of God and fruit of human freedom. In the Church, therefore, migrants too are called to be protagonists of this, together with all the People of God as pilgrim on earth cf.

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RMi 32, 49 and From a concrete point of view the specific pastoral choices to be taken for the welcome of migrants can be delineated as follows: This specific pastoral work operates in the context of a phenomenon which, by bringing together persons of different nationalities, ethnic origins and religions into contact, contributes to making the true face of the Church visible cf.

GS 92 and brings out the value of migrations from the point of view of ecumenism and missionary work and dialogue Acts 11, Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more.

See world news photos and videos at Be good, little migrants. Be good, little migrants by Uyen LoewaldAbout the authorUyen Loewald was born in in Hai Duong province in the north of Vietnam.

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