Advantages of honesty

You are better placed with reality and have a high level of confidence when you are bluntly honest. However, a brutal honesty can also get you into trouble, and you might end up offending a lot of people in the way.

Advantages of honesty

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. In simpler words this means to maintain high standards and follow the rules, even when no one is watching.

Integrity is very important in our everyday life if we wish to be good people. Certain people feel that in order to get ahead in life they need to break certain rules.


The United States would be an even better place to live if we could stop all the theft, cheating, lying, and many more crimes committed by people who are dishonest, lack integrity, and have no moral values. A high standard of personal integrity and honesty is probably the most important to students.

It is also very important in your career and in your personal life. Academic honesty and integrity is very necessary for someone to be a good student.

Advantages of honesty

Academic honesty and integrity is a major problem at schools, especially colleges. There are probably so many students who cheated their entire way through college, not even caring that they are dishonest people and never really learned anything.

You may be able to cheat your way through school but it is very unlikely that you will be able to cheat your way through a job.

Each school has its own academic policy. So, if you are someone who cheats off of someone else, has someone do your work for you, plagiarizes, or do anything else with your schoolwork that you know is wrong then you do not have a high standard of academic honesty and integrity. If you are someone who always does your own work, writes your own papers, studies and works really hard, and you follow everything else mentioned in your schools honor code then you are a person of high academic honesty and integrity and you will go far in life and in a career.

If a person is taught by their parents at young age the importance of being honest and having high integrity then they will most likely keep this characteristic with them their whole life, they will learn more in school, enjoy learning more, be a better person and friend, be more successful in their career, and probably be much more happier in life because they are doing the right thing.

Having a high standard of personal integrity and honesty will really help prepare one for employment in the justice field in many different ways. Integrity and honesty is one of the most important requirements for any criminal justice career. It is extremely important to know what is right and wrong and to be honest no matter what the consequences if you are planning on entering the justice field, especially a police officer.

One major reason to have a high standard of integrity and honesty at all times is because if you are a person who has ever been in trouble for something that showed you had been dishonest such as theft, cheating, lying, and more and you apply for a job in the justice field, they will most likely find it no matter how off your record it supposedly is and you will not be hired.

Another reason to have a high standard of integrity and honesty at all times would be because if you were able to make it through your life without cheating in school, lying to friends to get what you want, etc. It also proves that you can be honest and do the right thing even if difficult and being dishonest would be much easier.

If you look through job openings in the justice field you will notice that most of them say that you need a degree of some sort, you will need to successfully complete a comprehensive background investigation, successfully complete a written exam, get an intensive formal interview, pass a drug test, and some even have you take a polygraph test.

If you have to take a polygraph test then they will most likely ask you questions about how you feel about the importance of integrity and honesty and if you are a person of high integrity and honesty. If you pass everything above then most justice careers, especially police officers, will require you to take a training class in something involving the position you are applying for.

At this class the subject of integrity will most definitely be discussed. Some criminal justice companies are starting to make all employees take a formal training class about high moral standards and a peer group socialization and ethics training class. Police corruption can be as little as an officer accepting a free cup of coffee from a local business to as large as an officer physically abusing or even raping a suspect.

Police corruption involving the drug world has been a growing problem. Officers are taking money from drug dealers to let them go free and some are even taking the drug dealers money and drugs and keeping it for themselves and then they let the drug dealer go.

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Saying that there will be no police corruption in the world one day is just as ridiculous of saying that there will be no crime in the world one day. I witness police corruption in my town daily. Chief McCarthy is not very like by people in Kennett Square because about a year ago he was a the local elementary school doing a D.

E assembly and he left his gun in the boys bathroom for a little kid to find and luckily the kid went and got a teacher. He said that police have a lot of rules and regulations that they have to follow.

I think that the only thing we can try to do is make people more aware of the consequences in cheating your way through school or cops taking advantage of their power. I know that just writing this paper has made me look deeper into how often I am actually following all the rules that I should be.

I also realized how much respect I have for the police officers that actually commit to the high morals and standards that they are agreeing to follow when they became a police officer. Not all police officers are corrupt and everyone should really appreciate them.

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