A strange dream i had essay help

Why Do We Dream? Funny dreams, weird dreams, scary dreams, risque dreams, dramatic dreams, life-changing dreams, and even lucid dream stories would all be awesome to read about. Any dream you have to share, please do.

A strange dream i had essay help

My name is Madyson. Here is my story. I was asleep and having the strangest dream I was in a room. The door was locked with chains, the window was boarded shut, and the light bulb was smashed.

I sat up and looked around. There was 10 people sitting around me with there heads down and there eyes shut. I tapped my mother and said "Mom you alright? I got scared and stood up. Then my sisters walk up and grab my hands.

Whitney bit right in the middle of my pointer finger and my thumb, and so did Taylor. My hand hurt so I turn on the light and the bites marks are there for a second then they vanish. Ever since strange things have been happening. A few days after at school I looked out the window for a few minutes.

When I looked back at the board I saw something run out of the room, but no one else saw it even though a few were watching the door. A week after that I was in my room about to go to sleep and the closet door was shut.

When I closed my eyes something whispered "Madyson" I opened my eyes and saw a black figure run out of the room and the closet door was open. But most creepy, I was outside and I looked over and saw a black figure. I stood up and it disappeared. The next day a girl that had punched me got hit by a car she lived.

I have more stories but I have to go now.Sample Essay on an Interesting Dream Mili Once I had a dream about a strange animal. In my dream I was walking through a desert. I met an animal. I had not seen that animal before. When it came to me, I asked him his name. Essay on Should Science Be Only The Handmaid Of Technology; Advertisements: Guidelines.

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a strange dream i had essay help

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One night after a long day at work, I dreamt of something that was strange and unusual. I remember the details although some had gotten fuzzy.

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